Intelspes Smart Home adjusts every detail according to your daily lifestyle. Be woken up at a preselected time. Get informed about your day schedule with a single voice command. The water is already warmed up and the bathtub is full while the ambient temperature reaches the desired levels.

Your favorite music is being played on the background, your favorite show is on the TV set and your coffee is being prepared. All home systems are integrating together to serve your needs… What a zen way to start your day!


Intelspes liaises with the top high-end brands of the world to achieve excellence, durability, accuracy and reliability. We are fully certified not only for providing automation and control solutions using Crestron’s flagship technologies, KNX Home & Building domotic systems, Legrand Vantage luxury lighting and RTI Control but also network solutions working with Cisco, Luxul and Ubiquiti, amongst many other brands. Deep knowledge of each brand, partners’ strategic choice and unlimited turn-key systems delivery are the keys to lifetime warranty for the integration solutions we provide you with; tailor-made and adjusted to your, or your clients’, needs, always keeping in mind and ensuring your ROI.


Intelspes provides you with a variety of certified advanced technology solutions for your “smart” Building, Corporate Space and Business Area. Image and Sound always perform to the highest levels. Automation and Control, at your fingertips, serve your aim to achieve creativity, productivity and profit. Smart buildings and smart spaces, create smart businesses, thus, operating in accordance with modern times; quickly, flawlessly and ecofriendly, positively influencing both production and the economy.

Why consuming time in tasks which could have been done easier, quicker and more efficiently? Connect with your customers and partners and deal with everything on time by running all procedures smoothly! Intelspes is 24/7 by your side assisting you in increasing the value, power, efficacy and profitability of your company. From now on, there is nothing to worry about.

Image solutions

If seeking for top notch and modern image solutions, then, Intelspes is the perfect choice! Our team of experts design and implement custom made and tailored to your project needs display solutions. From large scale projects like stadiums, malls and commercial buildings, to medium scale projects such as corporate areas, government facilities, theaters, museums, hospitals and public means of transportation, we provide you with the ideal image solution. Whether used for advertising or information purposes, statistics or instructions display, or as part of a corporate presentation system, we offer the optimal size, top quality resolutions, optimum signal distributions, flawless control experience and cutting-edge technologies. Projectors, huge size monitors, video wall displays are only some of the various options offered. Moreover, our tech experts’ team is here to propose and build all those audiovisual applications and mount types customized to fit your project’s specific requirements. Everything looks awesome with Intelspes professional image solutions.


Luxury and power are synonymous to marine lifestyle. Yacht’s entertainment and electronic systems is imperative to be of top-edge technologies and fully personalized. Intelspes delivers ultimate and dynamic Smart Yacht services oriented to serve your, or your clients’, needs. All solutions we propose have luxurious aesthetics, are marine grade, reliable, powerful and, of course, integrated, designed to offer comfort and convenience. It was never so easy, for the end-user, to handle and control everything.

Our multiyear experience in designing and delivering the world’s finest intelligent marine automation systems results in developing the friendliest and most comprehensive user interface which can be used by everyone; from the most easygoing to the most demanding user. Set the course and get ready to sail!

Lights, Shades & Climate

For Intelspes, your mood and comfort are highly important. Every parameter of your lifestyle is taken under serious consideration while designing your smart Yacht. Intelspes automation systems set everything easy to control. Lighting, shades and temperature are being adjusted according to your mood. Light design scenes are pre-set and super easy to recall as per occasion. Blinds are automatically activated on a sunny day to protect your wooden floor and furniture, while at night they close, fulfilling your need for safety and isolation. The feeling of perfect climate conditions adds to your lifestyle. During an event, all systems integrating, and through preset modes, transform completely your Yacht from an evening, cozy mode, to a flashy Party set. With Intelspes, luxury is not a vague meaning, it becomes an actual sense.


Our uniquely professional approach towards technologically “smart” solutions for Hoteliers is based on the most top-notch technologies which integrate all complex subsystems of your business, thus, transforming it to a robust, easily manageable and highly profitable one.

We study, design and deliver smart solutions and value-for-money applications, for both entry level Airbnb/Flat/Apartments demands as well as for the most challenging renting Villas, Boutique Hotels and Luxury 5star Complexes requirements. From the guest perspective, an authentic and absolutely personable experience is about to be lived. A fully automated smart room ready to be used without special knowledge required, serving instantly every customer’s needs. With Intelspes your investment becomes as luxurious and manageable as it gets!

Customer Experience

Intelspes Smart Hotel solutions integrate and automate all your property’s subsystems such as lighting, shading, heating, HVAC, audio & video systems control to a unified, friendly-user platform. All functions are customized and engraved on any control interface providing easy and comprehensible access. Custom-made, unique plates, built in with lights, outlets, chargers and advanced controls are signed with your brand name; the given sense of luxury rises above and beyond! Two-way integrated services including DND, Clean-my-room, meal order, reservation making, wake up calls, billing arrangements, event information and more, are at your customers disposal, advancing your accommodation to a first-class experience. Your customers are served on the spot by the touch of a button!