Aesthetics Gurus

At Intelspes, our experts work collaboratively with architects, engineers, and interior designers, delivering tailored, precision-engineered solutions that fuse state-of-the-art technology with your project's unique character. Whether for residential, commercial, hotel, or yacht projects where every inch matters, Intelspes is your invaluable partner. By merging our enthusiasm, creativity, expertise, and practical solutions with your ideas and artistic vision, we ensure the creation of an ideal ambiance that doesn't compromise on performance or aesthetics.

Intelspes is dedicated to sourcing cutting-edge and elegantly designed audio & sound products from leading brands. Unbound by affiliations to any tech brand, we approach each project uniquely, crafting bespoke, adaptable solutions using the industry's finest components. Factoring in all construction materials and design elements, our engineers create tailor-made AV solutions that deliver top-notch performance and seamlessly align with your aesthetic vision.

Ultra-flexible and adjustable solutions

At Intelspes, we stay at the forefront of the latest technologies, installation techniques, and market products to ensure impeccable aesthetic results, superior performance, and secure installations for projects of any scale, be it an office, large commercial building, yacht, or public space.

Our custom-built racks efficiently house AV equipment in confined spaces, and our tailor-made lift solutions hide any display or projector device. We provide unlimited speaker solutions that can match any design, from invisible and ultra-thin to paintable ones made from various materials.

Flawlessly stream, share, and upload content. Transform mirrors into TVs, add waterproof, anti-fog screens to baths, or turn glass surfaces into touch panels or projection screens. Our luxurious solutions cater to indoor, outdoor, and marine settings with options for anti-vandalism protection, ensuring top-tier performance tailored to diverse environments.

Don’t hold back your imagination.
Intelspes provides you with the canvas to design freely and deliver astonishing projects with utmost aesthetics.

We make the impossible, possible