Intelspes Smart Home tailors every detail to your daily routine. Wake up at your chosen time, get your day's schedule with a single voice command, and step into a pre-warmed bath at the perfect ambient temperature. Background music sets the mood, your favorite show is on TV, and your coffee is brewing. With all home systems harmoniously catering to your needs, your day begins in perfect serenity.


Intelspes collaborates with top-tier global brands to ensure excellence, durability, accuracy, and reliability. We’re fully certified in automation and control solutions including Lutron, Crestron, KNX Home & Building systems, Legrand Vantage, and RTI Control, as well as network solutions with Cisco, Luxul, Ubiquiti, and more. Our deep brand knowledge, strategic partnerships, and unlimited turn-key systems delivery form the cornerstone of our lifetime warranty on our custom integration solutions. Always tailored to your needs, we keep your ROI at the forefront of our considerations.


Intelspes equips you with a range of advanced, certified technology solutions for your smart Building, Corporate Space, and Business Area. Ensuring optimal performance of image and sound, our automation and control solutions are designed to enhance creativity, productivity, and profit. Embrace the modern era with our smart buildings and spaces that operate efficiently, swiftly, and eco-friendly, bolstering both productivity and economy.

Don't waste time on tasks that could be simplified. Stay connected with your clients and partners, ensure smooth operation of all procedures, and manage everything promptly. Intelspes stands with you round the clock, augmenting the value, power, efficiency, and profitability of your company, leaving you worry-free.

Image solutions

For state-of-the-art image solutions tailored to your needs, look no further than Intelspes. Our expert team designs and implements bespoke display solutions for projects of any scale, from stadiums and malls to corporate areas, government facilities, and public transportation. Catering to a range of applications, from advertising and information display to corporate presentations, we deliver optimal sizes, superior resolutions, flawless control experiences, and cutting-edge technology. Choose from a variety of options including projectors, large monitors, video wall displays, and more. Our tech team customizes audiovisual applications and mount types to meet your project’s specific requirements. Make everything look spectacular with Intelspes’s professional image solutions.


Synonymous with luxury and power, marine lifestyle demands top-tier, fully personalized yacht entertainment and electronic systems. Intelspes offers dynamic Smart Yacht services, featuring luxurious aesthetics, marine-grade quality, reliability, power, and seamless integration for comfort and convenience. Our extensive experience in designing world-class marine automation systems results in user-friendly interfaces suitable for all, from the casual to the most discerning user. Set your course with Intelspes and get ready for a seamless sailing experience!

Lights, Shades & Climate

At Intelspes, your comfort and mood are paramount. We consider every aspect of your lifestyle when designing your smart yacht’s automation systems. Lighting, shades, and temperature adjust effortlessly to your mood with pre-set light design scenes for every occasion. Blinds automatically protect your interiors during the day and offer privacy at night. Preset modes can effortlessly transform your yacht from a cozy evening retreat to a vibrant party setting. With Intelspes, luxury becomes not just a concept, but a tangible experience.


Our uniquely professional approach towards technologically “smart” solutions for Hoteliers is based on the most top-notch technologies which integrate all complex subsystems of your business, thus, transforming it to a robust, easily manageable and highly profitable one.

We study, design and deliver smart solutions and value-for-money applications, for both entry level Airbnb/Flat/Apartments demands as well as for the most challenging renting Villas, Boutique Hotels and Luxury 5star Complexes requirements. From the guest perspective, an authentic and absolutely personable experience is about to be lived. A fully automated smart room ready to be used without special knowledge required, serving instantly every customer’s needs. With Intelspes your investment becomes as luxurious and manageable as it gets!

Customer Experience

Intelspes’ Smart Hotel solutions unify and automate all property subsystems—like lighting, shading, HVAC, and audio-video controls—into a user-friendly platform. All functions are customized on any control interface, ensuring easy access. Custom-made plates with lights, outlets, chargers, and advanced controls bear your brand name, elevating the sense of luxury. Two-way integrated services such as DND, room cleaning, meal ordering, reservations, wake-up calls, billing arrangements, and event information are at your customers’ fingertips, transforming their stay into a premier experience. Serve your customers instantly with the touch of a button!

Don’t hold back your imagination.
Intelspes provides you with the canvas to design freely and deliver astonishing projects with utmost aesthetics.

We make the impossible, possible