Aesthetics Gurus

At Intelspes, our team of experts works side-by-side with you; the architect, engineer and interior designer; in a collaborative way, to deliver the quality and aesthetic effect you desire. By offering completely personalized and precision-engineered solutions, we incorporate the designed-by-you character of the project delivering state-of-the-art advanced technologies solutions. We give you solutions tailored to your projects’ prerequisites!

For any project, residential, commercial, hotel or yacht, for all those locations where every inch counts, here comes Intelspes; your most valuable partner. Combine our enthusiasm, creativity, know-how and practical solutions with your ideas and artistic flair, and offer to your clients’ the ideal ambience with compromising neither on performance nor on aesthetics.

Intelspes is passionately seeking for industry-leading brands and innovative, stylish audio & sound products with discreet design and sleek aesthetics. As we’re not tied to any technology brand provider, we treat each project as a new, unique challenge and we, thus, design, from scratch, ultra-flexible and adjustable solutions by integrating only the best parts offered by various industry-top brands.

Taking into consideration every parameter, specification and material used during construction or for decorative purposes, whether glass, metal, marble or other reflecting surfaces, our engineers develop completely personalized AV solutions, offering not only the best performance but also stunning style which absolutely matches to your designs.

Ultra-flexible and adjustable solutions

Whether for an office, a large commercial building, a hotel, yacht or a vast public space, we, at Intelspes, are constantly in the loop regarding the newest technologies, installation techniques and market products. Regardless the complexity of the project, our design and tech teams ensure perfect aesthetic results, outstanding performance and secure installation regardless of weight.

Our custom-made dimension racks are able to fit any AV equipment in small spaces. Move to the control room on the basement, hide or conceal any type of display or projector device with tailor-made drop-down, from the ceiling, or pop-up, from the furniture or floor, lifts. Unlimited speaker solutions varying from completely invisible, ultra-thin to paintable ones, made by fiber, carbon, concrete or marble or for more classic touches by glass, marble and various wood finishes, match your design.

Stream, share and upload any content flawlessly. Convert a mirror to a TV set. Add waterproof, anti-fog TVs to your bath or shower. Use a glass surface as a touch control panel or convert it to a projection screen and watch your movie.

Whether for indoor, outdoor or marine use, with or without anti vandalism protection, our luxurious solutions meet the most demanding requirements and are adjusted to the most particular environments, always maintaining high-end performance.

Don’t hold back your imagination.
Intelspes provides you with the canvas to design freely and deliver astonishing projects with utmost aesthetics.

We make the impossible, possible